Wouldn’t it be great if money is the one thing you never argue about?

Home Finances for Couples is a great help for a partner in a relationship, who wants to manage the family finances efficiently, move toward meeting the shared financial goals and live in financial peace with no money issues. Ideally, both partners should read it together, but even one is enough to make a difference.

Home Finances for Couples contains 10 main chapters along with interviews, practical exercises, links to the best American and Canadian personal finance bloggers, visual illustrations and graphs. It was inspired by Dave Ramsey’s book “Total Money Makeover”, but it also adds the valuable relationship advice, particularly for young couples, engaged and newlyweds.

It might be a truly intelligent engagement 
or wedding gift 
for the relationship ;)

 From the Author

“A fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Given my
10 years of experience in corporate finance, five years in personal finance and an MBA, you would expect my wife and me to have a perfect money management system. However, during two years of marriage, there was a lot of miscommunication in discussing our money issues. For me, Home Finances for Couples offers a hope that, although we made some mistakes, it’s not too late in our relationship.

I’ve been reading around 50 American and Canadian personal finance blogs over the last three months to extend my knowledge and understand the money issues arising in modern type of long-term relationships. Bloggers advise on personal wealth management, smart financial decisions, money and relationships, family budget, student loans, spending habits, savings, being frugal, investing, paying debt off, family values, financial freedom and sustainable life. Along with own knowledge and advice, I provided links to top articles from those blogs.

It’s my hope that you, too, can resolve any money problems—step by step—in your long-term relationship with the help of Home Finances for Couples. Moreover, I will show you how other couples successfully manage their family budget and deal with money issues in their marriage.

My greatest achievement will be the moment when you say to yourself, “Home Finances helped us to…”

Reviewed by Teodora Totorean for Readers' Favorite
Home Finances for Couples by Leo Ostapiv is a practical book that teaches couples how to manage their finances, stay on top of their debts, and create a healthy financial environment for their family. It all starts with a common goal for both partners and complete honesty about earnings, expenses, personal financial needs, and other financial related issues. 

Starting from the premise that the reason for most disagreements in families and divorces is money, Ostapiv guides the readers through a financial management system that works. He covers issues like how to structure the family budget, how to account assets and liabilities, tips on budgeting and saving money, and what mistakes to avoid. By following those steps, any family can achieve financial success. The book finishes with a few interviews of couples about how they manage their budget, which is a great addition to the book.

Leo Ostapiv’s book Home Finances for Couples is written as a guide, is easy to follow and to apply to your own personal circumstances. The chapters are well organized and terminology is explained clearly. The theory is illustrated with charts that everyone can take and adapt to their own needs. 

Even though the author lives in Ukraine, the book is written for an international audience. I particularly enjoyed the case studies at the end where it becomes clear that a shared financial goal helps couples efficiently manage their budget without affecting their relationship. As for the concept of financial success, this is relative, depending on what everyone’s goal is and what they expect to afford financially. 

Taking into account the economic crises we all witnessed and the slow recovery process in some countries, Ostapiv’s book should be in every family’s library to consult every time one needs to.

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After reading Home Finances for Couples. Resolve Money Problems in Marriage and Learn Easy Steps to Manage your Family Budget, you will accomplish at least 80% of the following:
  • Give the financial health of your relationship a checkup
  • Understand the fundamental values of marriage finances
  • Learn how to discuss money problems with your spouse (or partner in relationship)
  • Learn family budgeting and create (or improve) household budget
  • Choose and apply one of the three major techniques for managing a monthly budget
  • Save money by cutting unnecessary expenses
  • Make the management of your family’s money time efficient
  • Set (or update) shared financial goals
  • Learn budgeting tips and saving from real couples who are managing their money well
  • Get inspired to achieve financial success for your family (that’s the hardest one to promise)!
Readers need to know what will not be in this book:
  • A philosophy of money and love
  • How to earn a lot of money and become rich
  • How to prepare for your retirement
  • How to repair your broken marriage or relationship

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