Thursday, September 18, 2014

50/50 split in Couples Finance, BBC Show on Relationships and Money, how To Manage A Joint Chequing Account

Janine from discusses "Why even isn’t always 50/50", where she shares rent, groceries, utilities on 50/50 basis, while enterteinment and vehicle expenses go under individual budgets.

Also, here is the link to BBC show, that discusses following issues for people in England and Scotland

Personal finance may not be the most romantic topic of conversation when you're starting life as a couple but you will have to take on joint financial decisions, goals and responsibilities.
Whether your personal circumstances and spending habits are similar or different you may have questions about protecting or making the most of your assets.
How do you maximise the tax advantages of marriage and civil partnerships?
What are the rules about transferring allowances and assets?
Which of you will be responsible for household bills, joint bank accounts, loans or credit agreements and what happens if you split up?
In the event that a relationship does break down, how can you untangle your money and home fairly?
Can cohabitation and prenuptial agreements help and what are the differences between Scotland and England?

Finally, here is the good personal case from moneyafterfraduation about having a joint chequing account:
My boyfriend and I opened a joint chequing account the day we moved in together. It’s made managing our household finances a total breeze instead of a war zone, and we have yet to have a money squabble. There’s no right way to do couples finances, but this is what is working for us!

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