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Amazon readers praise "Home Finances for Couples. Resolve Money Problems in Marriage and Learn Easy Steps to Manage your Family Budget"

Some great review are coming from Amazon readers:

Great Practical Advice

This book made me realize that I completely need to change the way I handle my money. I didn’t even think I was doing too badly until I read this book and realized I was doing everything wrong.

According to “Home Finances for Couples”, me and my husband should be combining our finances, setting aside money each month for a personal allowance, and using the rest to pay bills and  save towards mutually agreed upon financial goals. The part that really resonated with me is the bit about identifying and working towards mutual financial goals—it seems obvious, but I still needed this book to point it out for me.

Clearly written, with easy actionable steps that any married couple can take, “Home Finances for Couples” provides some great advice for couples who want to overhaul their finances or simply just want to be more mindful of how they spend their money. 

Helpful Book For The Spouse Who Hates Budgeting

This was a surprisingly good and helpful read for me, the guy who hates keeping track of the bills.
My wife does everything, including trying to sit me down once or twice a year to push some budget papers in front of me. I resist like she's trying to feed me castor oil. We've been married over 15 years, and it is one of the few sore points in our marriage.

I came across Leo's book, and something in the title drew me in - finance for couples. I enjoyed reading it, and learned a thing or two to both help my marriage, and to incorporate some basic financial hygiene into my life.

Home Finances for Couples starts and ends with shared values. Leo argues that couples should not have separate financial accounts. A marriage is about "us" and keeping the money together is a concrete way that the couple can commit to each other. He also encourages couples to talk about their shared goals, and uses the financial plan as a way to get there. Leo brings a human approach to money, and reminds us that love and relationship are at the end of the day more important than the dollars. At the same time, we are responsible for playing by the rules we agree to with our loved one.

This is not a book with tips and tricks on how to save or make money - there are lots of books like that out there. But this is a book that uniquely brings the dynamics of a marriage into issues of home finance. Leo provides a few different choices for how a couple can track their finances: a simple system that is easy to implement, to a complex system for those who want to keep track of where every penny goes.

I like the simple system, which he calls the basic technique. He begins with recomendations for software to help manage the budget, including specialized software to help with debt reduction, people who spend too much, or people who want to gamify home finances. Leo also provides concrete examples of how to create a simple and finite number of categories. I cringed as I read it, because I really don't like this stuff. But, he made it seem doable to me. Each chapter has practical suggestions, and a few exercises at the end to help implement the suggestions.

Leo also includes a few tidbits that compare the Ukranian and American financial systems. I found these interesting, fun, and sometimes helpful.

Overall, the book gave me a better grip on why I should care. If for no other reason, my wife wants me to, and it will remove a source of frustration in our marriage. 

Useful reading for families that want to leave in a peace despite of money issues

I would recommend this book for those couples who strive to generate savings while being on the same page with each other. Book is fast and easy to read (it took me around 3 hours), and after finishing it, you will have a bunch of useful ideas to apply in your family money relationship.

What I like the most about this book is that it teaches you not only about managing your home finances, but also how to save and grow your relationship, how to stick your personal goals in a family, how to understand your partner, and how do not allow your expectations to damage your marriage. Author is sharing his personal lessons learned, and I really touched by his family story!

In this book you will find useful questions to ask when analyzing your monthly spending, practical tips on managing family finances with the help of online services and mobile apps, good advices on how to move small steps towards your goals, right questions to ask to understand shared and personal financial goals and more.

Book full of practical tips that the author recommends trying right away. I found that it is quite hard to try while reading so instead I picked up some of the advices, discussed them with my husband and now applying several of them. For example, we discussed our goals - personal and shared once, reviewed the structure of our family budget, set up monthly money talks, agreed on personal monthly allowance and established family emergency fund. Thank you for this book!  

Some great nuggets for married couples

Getting on the same page about finances as a married couple can be one of the most challenging things in a marriage. I'm so glad Leo wrote this book to help people do just that. There is tons of useful exercises and questions to get on the same level financially. I could relate to most all of the themes in the book with my own wife and coming out successful on the other side. Getting on a family budget is essential.

Chapter 3 has a great list of questions around values and how to talk with your spouse about finances. If you you are married or thinking of getting married and dont' know how to approach your significant other about finances, get this book.  

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