Monday, November 25, 2013

Review of "Home Finances for Couples" by

Reviewed by Teodora Totorean for Readers' Favorite

Home Finances for Couples by Leo Ostapiv is a practical book that teaches couples how to manage their finances, stay on top of their debts, and create a healthy financial environment for their family. It all starts with a common goal for both partners and complete honesty about earnings, expenses, personal financial needs, and other financial related issues. 

Starting from the premise that the reason for most disagreements in families and divorces is money, Ostapiv guides the readers through a financial management system that works. He covers issues like how to structure the family budget, how to account assets and liabilities, tips on budgeting and saving money, and what mistakes to avoid. By following those steps, any family can achieve financial success. The book finishes with a few interviews of couples about how they manage their budget, which is a great addition to the book.

Leo Ostapiv’s book Home Finances for Couples is written as a guide, is easy to follow and to apply to your own personal circumstances. The chapters are well organized and terminology is explained clearly. The theory is illustrated with charts that everyone can take and adapt to their own needs. 

Even though the author lives in Ukraine, the book is written for an international audience. I particularly enjoyed the case studies at the end where it becomes clear that a shared financial goal helps couples efficiently manage their budget without affecting their relationship. As for the concept of financial success, this is relative, depending on what everyone’s goal is and what they expect to afford financially. 

Taking into account the economic crises we all witnessed and the slow recovery process in some countries, Ostapiv’s book should be in every family’s library to consult every time one needs to.

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