Monday, November 4, 2013

Review of Couples Money by Chris and Marlow Felton

As an author of my own personal finance bookfor couples I was extremely interested in comparing Marlow and Chris’ thoughts and advices to my own.
I think the book is worth the price and there are a lot of views that I share.  

-        Each chapter has his and her perspectives.  Great idea!
-        Used “Basket” methodology to explain different categories of family money.
-        Well-grounded psychological analyses and concepts.
-        Some exercises were quite useful like,  “One place to start is by writing down the image of the person you want to become. Be very detailed and use other successful people as an example.” Honestly, I don’t find useful all the actions steps about different lists.
-        Worrying about what others think or how we look stops us from taking steps toward financial independence.” There’s a meaningful chapter on public status and how we make financially dull decisions just because we obsessed about what others think of us.
-        Each chapter ends with several action steps to take.
-        I find Chris’s testimony about his transformation very touchy. He said, “Only when I connected emotional reasons to saving money (Marlow’s happiness, our marriage working, time with my kids) was I able to shift and override my ego, my need for approval from others, my need to look good, and my need to be right.”
-        Creative chapter on being entrepreneurial and creating additional sources of income.
-        Great exercise on listing big financial goals and comparing priorities with your partner. That’s the one I should have used in my marriage.
-        Marlow and Chris described the main characteristics of financially harmonious couple at the end of the book.

-        I really missed more examples. There were a lot of lists etc., so I would like to see some real lists made for a real life situation.
-        The Kindle formatting could have been more reader-friendly  as I have encountered a few long paragraphs throughout the book.
-        In some chapters, the writing style was dry and I felt drowned in psychology.
-        I find it a weird action to call or text a partner  about each penny  found on the ground. It’s hard to believe that a busy person would do such an action during  working hours. Yes, I agree it demonstrates right attitude, but it is not like  a small win or something to celebrate. It’s just my opinion, no offense. 

Professional authors and a good book for couples who want to live in financial harmony.

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