Friday, October 18, 2013

How to make a budget and stick to it and other super cool videos from Khan Academy and Bank of America

Let me tell you about this amazing partnership project between Khan Academy and Bank ofAmerica in their own words: 

BetterMoneyHabits is a new way to learn the "why" and the "how" behind personal finance and we believe our collaboration with Khan Academy will help you put that knowledge into practice more effectively than ever before

They have really super cool free educational videos educating on five major topics: 
  • -        Using credit
  • -        Home buying
  • -        Saving and budgeting
  • -        Tax deductions and income taxes
  • -        Investments
Here is my favorite video” how to set up a budget and stick to it’.

You can rate videos and copy top take always after watching video.

Here are the links to other videos:


Steps to help you get out of debt

Will cancelling a credit card hurt my credit score?

Does Checking My Own Credit Report Affect My Credit Score?

What do I do if I find a mistake on my credit report?

Whatis a "good" credit score?


The differences between APR and effective APR


How does a mortgage work?

Understanding how mortgage interest rates work

What to know about refinancing a mortgage


Create a safety net for life's unexpected events

Easy ways to save on everyday expenses


Calculating tax deductions

Calculating federal income taxes


Time value of money

Earning compound interest


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