Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best of Dave Ramsey on Money and Relationship

Dave Ramsey is like a spiritual leader for me, as I strongly support many of his ideas.

Here are the my favorite parts from Dave Ramsey’s best articles on relationship and money with links to his website.

When Only One Wants to Change. How do you convince your spouse that budgeting is necessary?

Most spouses don’t really know how much it means to their husband or wife to get on a plan. Suzy may casually bring it up at dinner one night, and Joe will respond, “That’s nice.” After that, nothing more is said. Joe doesn’t really get it. 

Tonight, turn off the television. Put the kids to bed early and eliminate every possible distraction. Take their hands in your hands, look them in the eye, and tell them what you are actually feeling. Are you scared? Are you excited about the thought of having control of your money? Tell them your thoughts and engage them in a conversation. They love you, and they’ll listen to you if they know it means a lot.

The Truth About Money and Relationships

Women tend to see money more as a security issue, so they will gravitate toward the rainy-day fund. Because of their need for security, ladies can have a level of fear—my wife, Sharon, calls it terror—when there are money problems. Men and women are different in how they view money, and it is largely because they process problems and opportunities from different vantage points

On top of the fact that men and women are different, opposites attract. Chances are, if you're married, one of you is good at working numbers (the nerd) and the other one isn't good at working numbers (the free spirit). That isn't the real problem. The problem is when the nerd neglects the input of the free spirit or when the free spirit avoids participating in the financial dealings altogether.

Newlyweds:What Do We Need To Know About Money? Unity over money will build a strong foundation for your marriage

Whatever you do, don’t stress! It’s just money. Your relationship is so much more important. Getting on the same page with money is extremely helpful, but it’s not the ultimate end all, be all. Just keep that in perspective when you come to the table together. 

As you begin navigating these things together, you’ll be building a stronger marriage, future and family tree! Congratulations on your decision to make this a priority from the beginning, and blessings on your marriage!

Nerds and Free Spirits Can Unite Over the Budget. Agreeing on money is crucial for a successful marriage

The challenge in a marriage is to work through the different identities, ideals and values you each bring to the relationship. You win at marriage by losing your need to get your way in every battle. You get a happy marriage by giving up selfish desires in order to win together—you create shared visions and goals out of your own individual goals!

That’s why it’s important that both spouses be involved with creating the monthly budget. The partner with the natural gift can prepare the budget, but the decision-making must be done by both of you.

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